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"Outside of my absolutely stunning photos, my favorite part of my boudoir shoot was Adam! He is professional but not uptight. He knows how to make you feel like a rockstar. We spent all day capturing stunning images and laughing. When I finally got to see my images, I was at a loss for words! It was almost imposssible having to choose favorites because they were all fantastic!"
Meg C.
past client
"How can I describe my experience with Adam and Axiom Boudoir in just a few words? I had no confidence, tons of fear, no experience. The fear was REAL, but Adam made it so fun. Everyone has their own personal reasons for doing such an intimate photo shoot, and I can’t be more thankful for my experience. The pictures came out tasteful, classy, just simply beautiful."
Marina N.
past client
"I've always had a negative body image and wanted to do this to show myself that I, too, can be sexy. I thought I would be so nervous but Adam really put me at ease throughout the entire process. When I saw my photos... hot damn, I couldn't believe it was me! Everyone should allow themselves this experience to feel sexy ❤"
Elizabeth A.
past client

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1: What if I’m super shy or just not photogenic? 

Being shy or nervous in front of a camera is TOTALLY NORMAL. All of the beautiful clients you see in my portfolio were shy and nervous (sometimes *really* nervous) before their shoots but just look at them now! Many of them also felt like they weren’t photogenic, but we happily proved them wrong and we can do the same for you!

#2: But I have no idea how to pose or what do do in front of a camera!

No posing knowledge or experience in front of the camera is required! None of the gorgeous ladies you see below are models, nor had they had much experience in front of a camera. You’ll be patiently shown everything you’ll need to know in order to bring our your most badass self in front of the camera.

#3: Where does the photoshoot take place?

Adam shoots 100% on location, so this means either in a client’s home (if you’re local to Richmond, VA) or in one of our authorized Airbnbs. You’ll receive the Airbnb list after your phone consult so that you can choose and book the Airbnb location that aligns with your preferred vibe! You’ll be booking the location, so it’ll be in your name. Travelers LoVE this, too, because it also serves as a place to stay while you’re in town!

#4: How much does it cost?

There is no point in hiding it — a boudoir shoot is an investment. But like booking a trip to Bali, it’s a luxury experience that will last a lifetime. My average client spends between $2,000-4,000 for their package, but this promo leaves you with more money to spend on photos at the end! We also have pre-shoot and post-shoot payment plans that nearly all of our clients take advantage of in order to spread out the cost over many months.

#5: Is makeup/hair included?

Oh, yes! The first think you’ll do on the day of your photo shoot is sit down with our makeup artist, Rachel, to get a full face of glowy, professional makeup and some soft curls and texture in your hair. During this time, you’ll get to know us and begin to feel like a goddess before we even break out the camera!

#6: What do I wear?

Your (reduced!) booking fee includes full outfit consultation. You’ll receive our style guide after your consult call, which will give you tips and pointers about different things you might wear. Ultimately, Adam will guide you through the process of choosing lingerie, outfits and accessories that will flatter your body type and look incredible on camera!

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